Learn how companies around the globe use Kernel to build stronger relationships with their customers and change the way they do business.

Publicly Traded Global Retailer

Challenge: Rebuilding an Enterprise Security Program to Drive Shareholder Value

Solution: Kernel vCISO + Technical Controls Evaluation and Enhancement

Outcome: A Measurably More Resilient Digital and Physical Environment

Publicly Traded Digital Asset Platform

Challenge: Addressing Targeted Threats While Reducing Business Risk

Solution: Kernel vCISO + Digital Risk Protection

Outcome: Strong Detection and Response Capabilities to Enable Rapid Growth

Private Equity Sponsor

Challenge: Lack of Visibility to Cybersecurity Control Efficacy in Target Acquisition

Solution: Kernel Due Diligence + vCISO

Outcome: Lower Underwriting Risk and Post-Close Value Creation

Publicly Traded Cybersecurity Platform

Challenge: Enhancing Corporate Development Program to Drive Shareholder Value

Solution: Kernel M&A Advisory + Due Diligence

Outcome: Growth in Enterprise Value Through Accretive M&A

Renewable Energy Producer

Challenge: Maturing an Enterprise Security Program to Align with Government Regulation

Solution: Kernel vCISO + NERC CIP Aligned Program Development

Outcome: Acceleration of Business Through Successful Government Bid

Publicly Traded Financial Services Firm Challenge: Improving Vulnerability Management Across a Vast, Complex Infrastructure

Solution: Kernel vCISO + Management Consulting

Outcome: Faster Time to Remediate; Clear Responsibility and Accountability Matrix for Vulnerability Management 

Publicly Traded Software Platform

Challenge: Assess In-House Security Operations Center (SOC) Efficacy

Solution: Kernel SOC Audit

Outcome: Benchmark to Industry SOC Practices; Holistic Plan to Integrate Broader Security Program into SOC